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Dr. Georg Jahn


Picture of Jahn, Georg, Dr.

Georg Jahn

Position: Research Scientist  Unit: Alumni Bülthoff

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Articles (3):

Jahn G Person, Oehme A , Krems JF and Gelau C (2005) Peripheral detection as a workload measure in driving: Effects of traffic complexity and route guidance system use in a driving study Transportation Research Part F 8 255-275.
Jahn G Person (2004) Hybrid representation of spatial descriptions: Resource economy in spatial reasoning .
Jahn G Person (2004) Three turtles in danger: Spontaneous construction of causally relevant spatial situation models Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 30(5) 969-987.

Conference papers (4):

Jahn G Person, Johnson-Laird PN and Knauff M Person (February-2005) Reasoning about consistency with spatial mental models: Hidden and obvious indeterminacy in spatial descriptions In: Spatial Cognition IV: Reasoning, Action, Interaction, International Conference Spatial Cognition 2004 (SC '04), Springer, Berlin, Germany, 165-180.
Jahn G Person (September-2003) Hybrid representation of spatial descriptions In: EuroCogSci 03, European Cognitive Science Conference 2003, Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ, USA, 401.
Jahn G Person, Krems JF and Gelau C (2003) Exploring skill acquisition at the performance of an in-vehicle HMI task: influences of situational demands and HMI design Proceedings of the XVth Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association “Ergonomics in the Digital Age”, Vol. 3, Product Design, 161-164.
Gelau C , Jahn G Person, Krems JF , Uno H , Kircher A , Östlund J and Nilsson L (2003) State-of-the-art of the SNRA/JARI/BAST joint research on driver workload measurement within the framework of IHRA-ITS Proceedings of the ESV 2003.

Contributions to books (4):

Baumann M , Rösler D , Jahn G Person and Krems JF : Assessing driver distraction using occlusion method and peripheral detection task, 53-56. (Ed) H. Strasser and H. Bubb, Ergonomia Verlag, Stuttgart, (2003).
Jahn G Person, Keinath A , Gelau C and Krems JF : Destination entry while driving: The benefit of constrained options to act in multitask situations illustrated by two route guidance systems, 93-97. (Ed) C. Stephanidis and J. Jacko, Erlbaum, Mahwah, NJ, (2003).
Jahn G Person and Knauff M Person: Raum zum Lesen: Die Konstruktion mentaler Modelle beim Verstehen narrativer Texte., 53-72. (Ed) T. KrämerBadoni and K. Kuhm, Leske & Budrich, Leverkusen, (2003).
Jahn G Person, Krems JF and Gelau C : Skill-development when interacting with in-vehicle information systems: A training study on the learnability of different MMI concepts, 35-48. (Ed) D. de Waard and A. Toffetti, Shaker, Maastricht, NL, (2002).

Technical reports (1):

Jahn G Person, Oehme A , Rösler D and Krems JF : Kompetenzerwerb im Umgang mit Fahrerinformationssystemen, F 47, (2004).

Posters (2):

Jahn G Person and Knauff M Person (April-2004): Konsistenzurteile mit räumlichen mentalen Modellen – Reihenfolgeeffekte aufgrund von Präferenz und Unbestimmtheit, 46. Tagung Experimentell Arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP 2004), Giessen, Germany, Experimentelle Psychologie, 46 125.
Jahn G Person, Krems JF and Gelau C (2003): The 0.1 Hz component of heart rate variability (HRV) and the peripheral detection task (PDT) to measure driver workload, Journal of Psychophysiology, 17(3) 156.

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